World’s Largest Envelope Record Attempt!

Guinness World Record Attempt to create World's Largest Envelope.

A World Record Attempt We are celebrating the 2nd annual National Thank You Letter Day, on November 14th, by creating the world’s largest envelope to hold the world’s largest thank you letter.  As a result of creating the world’s largest envelope, we are endeavoring to break the previous Guinness World Record.

A World Record Envelope to Hold the World’s Largest Thank You Letter Creating a world record event with the making of the envelope to hold the world’s largest thank you letter will help spotlight our community and national efforts to inspire in children—and adults—that “Thank You” letters are still important in our culture and are a vital way to communicate gratitude and civility, kindness and manners in our daily lives.

The giant thank-you letter was created on the first National Thank You Letter Day to specifically celebrate and promote the creation of this  day.  Taking place one week before Thanksgiving, National Thank You Letter Day reminds us of the simple and powerful act of sending a letter of thanks to someone we care about or love that has affected our lives.  The combination of the envelope and the letter together will help further promote the ideals behind National Thank You Letter Day.

How Do You Make a Giant Envelope? The envelope will be comprised of two large sheets of paper that are rolls of butcher paper taped together  (the same technique that was used in the giant thank you letter).  The Thank You Letter will be sandwiched in between the two large sheets of paper and then will be taped off on all four sides. 

Students from the civics club at Continental Elementary School will help to create the envelope (as they did the giant letter last year).  They will also extend the giant thank you letter so more people from the school and community can sign it.

The Big Date? On November 14, 2019, on the Second Annual National Thank You Letter Day, the students, teachers, staff, and people from the Green Valley community will gather together in the Continental Elementary School gym for the official rolling out of the record-breaking envelope containing the world’s largest thank you letter. 

Who will the Envelope be Sent to? The envelope will either be addressed to Ellen Degeneres and the Ellen Show because of her work showcasing acts of gratitude and kindness, The Today Show, or to the Guinness Book of World Record’s office in Los Angeles.

The Mailman Comes to the Rescue! The United States Postal Service is also considering helping us to mail the giant envelope!  (We might also try to break the world record for the world’s largest stamp!)

A Big Benefit–Guinness World Records Day! An added benefit of the record taking place on the day of this annual event is that it also happily coincides with Guinness World Records Day. Thus helping to doubly promote both the envelope record and National Thank You Letter Day!